Repty flex MAGIC - Our new special modelling material for aquaria and waterfalls

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Repty flex MAGIC - Our new special modelling material for aquaria and waterfalls

With Repty flex MAGIC fish-holders get for the first time the possibility of using our manufactured modelling materials for the design of rears also in the aquarium.

The consistent further development of Repty®flex, which is confessed among others by the German TV-show "VOX - Wildes Wohnzimmer" makes it now possible for the fishholders
to make an arranged rear after there own ideas and therefore to receive a unicum as an aquarium rear panel.
So beautiful waterfalls which represent decorative elements either in the Terrarium or also as a room fountain can be modelled with Repty®flex MAGIC.
Repty®flex MAGIC is very productively and well to be processed, the right Paludarium was manufactured with the strongly structured rear in the size 60 x 100 cm with an
arrangement. Repty®flex-MAGIC is the approved special modelling material Repty®flex, which is coated by Repty®MAGIC and is therefore water-repellent with the new
synthetic resin component.

  • Repty®flex-MAGIC 2 components special modelling material for aquarium rears and waterfalls
  • 3 + 1 kg

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